Today Fast Growing Retail Businesses:

Retail industry is growing at fastest rate with increased number of challenges faced by retail. It has become increasingly difficult to adapt to changing business scenarios for retailers who are always looking for new ways to increase profitability. Frauds, including vendor frauds, thefts, shoplifting and inaccuracy in supervision and administration are the challenges that are difficult to handle. Although the challenges of retail are unique, they can be addressed with the right technology that identifies the problems and offers a holistic solution.

Management judgments assume critical importance as customers develop ever higher expectations of competitive price, improved delivery, excellent quality and exceptional performance.

SkyPOS Point Of Sales Supported Businesses:

Departmental stores, Grocery Shops, Supermarkets, Hypermart, Textile, Readymade Garments, Footwear's, White Goods, Household appliances and consumer electronics, Gift shop, Glass and crockery, Hardware- Electrical / Electronics / Auto parts / Building materials, Stationary, Liquor Shops, Music Shops, Boutiques, Software For F&B Industry, Fine Dining Restaurant, Food Court, Fast Food, Quick Service & Home Delivery outlets, Auto Spare Parts, Luggages and bags, Mobile Showrooms, Optical Showrooms, etc.

Key Business Benefits Of SkyPOS Point Of Sales Software:

  • Full control of your stock. It will enable you to track each and every item that passes through your business, such as when it was bought and sold, how good a product line is doing, which stock is fast or slow moving, what is making you money, when and where to order from and more.
  • You can create your own barcodes by using the product part number as your barcode. Then use the built in Barcode printing to print barcodes to all of your stock. Printing barcodes cannot be made any simpler, just go to the print barcode screen, enter your product codes and quantities, and click on Print Barcode Labels button, it’s that simple! And by using barcodes, there is no chance of making when selling. SkyPOS also allows for multiple part numbers for the same item, a very handy feature if you buy products from different part number for the same stock items.
  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction.
  • SkyPOS POS software manages loyalty correctly, Customer purchase history is available at a click of button, various promotions and offers can be managed.
  • Efficient Return Management, reduction in fraudulent returns.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • Profile your Customers, build Customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.
  • Configure to suit your business process, policies and operating procedures.


  • Stock Re-Order Alert
  • Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
  • Item Promotion Price Setting
  • Unlimited Levels Selling Price
  • Serial Number Management
  • Package or Stock Bundling Setting
  • Item Expiry Management
  • Item Grading (Colour and Size) Handling
  • Item Multi-Packing Control (Multi Unit Of Measurements)
  • Supplier Pricing History Tracking
  • Staff Attendance System
  • User Multi-Levels Security Access Controls
  • Promoter Commission Calculation
  • Multi-branches Stock Level Control
  • Multi-branches Item Pricing Setting
  • Item Photo Tracking
  • Fast Fey col-xs-12
  • Cash Daily Checkout Control
  • Real-time transaction updating, no more data posting
  • Multi-branches auto data synchronize

SkyPOS Modules

  • Point Of Sales Front-End
  • Member Loyalty Module
  • Point Redemption Module
  • Item Barcode Module
  • Voucher Control Module
  • Supplier Module
  • Branch Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory Control Module
  • Pricing Module
  • Commission Module
  • Item Grading
  • Stock Bundling
  • Item Batch
  • Multi-Location
  • Multi Unit-Of-Measurements
  • Multi-Payment Module
  • Integrated with SkyBiz Accounting
  • Report printing module
  • GST Ready
  • SkyBiz - Synchronize

SkyPOS Reports

  • Collection Report
  • Daily Checkout Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Daily Sales Summary By Item
  • Daily Sales Summary By Day
  • Hourly Sales Summary
  • Daily Sales vs Collection
  • Credit Card Report
  • Debit Card Report
  • On Hold Bill Report
  • Void Bill Report
  • Layaway Report
  • Layaway Report (Outstanding)
  • Layaway Report By Detail
  • Layaway Report With Stock Balance
  • Cash In/ Cash Out/ Cash Adjustment
  • Voucher Listing
  • Top Up Debit Card Report
  • Member Listing
  • Member Birthday Listing
  • Member Sales Listing
  • Point Redemption Statement
  • Point Redemption Statement & Combined Point
  • And more than few hundred types of analysis report, including:
    • Master and Transaction Listing
    • Sales Report
    • Gross Profit Analysis Report
    • Purchases Report
    • Storekeeper Report
    • Area Report
    • Branch Report
    • Department Report
    • Project Report
    • Sales Person Report
    • Location Report
    • Outstanding Tracking Report
    • Tax Report
    • Commission Matrix Report
    • Miscellaneous Report
    • Supplier Chain Management Report
    • Chart Analysis Report
    • System Report
    • and etc


Cloud Bases

Work anytime and anywhere on your devices to see up-to-date financial reports.

Point of Sale

Simple and cloud based POS Software, easily scale your business.



Easily manage your product and pricing in real time.


Simple and smart inventory control to help you increase your sales.


Make smarter, faster and more informed financial decisions.


Keep track of your customers with flexible integrated CRM.


Gain greater visibility into supplier relationships and performance


Extensive reporting tools to help you make better decisions.

Quick & simple setup

Easy products import helps you get up and running in no time.

Free & automatic updates

The latest software updates available to you at no extra cost.


View/Transfer Inventory across multiple stores

Share stock information across multiple stores so you never lose a sale again

Discounts & Promotions

Give out offers and set promotions at any time

Easily manage every aspect of your business
one click ahead, anywhere and anytime.

SKYBIZ | Retail | FnB

SKYBIZ® has everything you need to get your business up and running in no time! Focus on most impoertant things for your business, grow efficiently by giving your team the right tools, enjoy the extra time that you save with SKYBIZ®.


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